Orchard Farming Game Review

There has been hype on the gaming market recently concerning real-time strategy games. Agricultural simulations have been enjoying success and when you combine strategy and simulations there is likely to be success as evident by games such as Youda Farmer and Farm Mania to name a few. Orchard however has not been as successful even though it includes the combination of time management, strategy and simulation. This game has made an out as it requires lots of time and energy to play often with success being very limited in terms of reaping a crop. This makes it more challenging than many.

The introductory storyline of the game is quite simple. A former mail clerk Ivy attains a farm as her inheritance from her Granduncle Fred. This introduction then leads to the need to work at a variety of swatches of rural land that are displayed in bright 2D animation with mini cartoon figures running around labouring on the fields, planting and picking crops. The game is rather simple in its objectives with the aspiration being to hire worker and sell fruits to make a profit in terms of money with limited resource.

Initially work is done single-handed and then when enough funds and wood are accumulated there is an expansion of the holdings. The player is then able to hire workers and construct more building and complete upgrades. The added plus is that you are able to use these additions to work force and other assets to improve operations in each successive scenario and this leads to a slowly progressive move towards the achievement of the outlined assignments.

One plus is that the rivals around do not include the use of additional workers and unlike them you can in this game get workers to aid in collecting wood, picking grapes and erecting housing. All tasks needed for advancement. You are required to stay afloat with fluctuating market prices and many other factors contribute to your success in attracting customers such as advertising. Specific characters can be dedicated to particular tasks and results in improved advancement as missions get harder and take longer to accomplish. This game has ample playtime ensured with your purchase which is another great reason to download or buy it.

For a game belonging to this genre Orchard outlined in a different way and some steps are time consuming. The tutorial alone can take longer than 15 minutes. Tasks are meticulous to complete and take several steps. Many gamers will like the more economic spin this game puts on the farming game genre, but it’s not for everyone.

If that sounds like your type of game, definitely give it a try! You can buy or download a trial of Orchard game [http://fashionistagame.com/19/orchard-game/] at FashionistaGame.com, and you can

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