Platypus Game – Brilliant, Artistic, and Forgotten

Platypus is one of those games that surprises you by being better, than what you expect. It’s never really gotten the kudos it deserves, and that’s a shame. So, being it’s one of my all time favorite casual games out there, I thought I’d make it the first official review I write for GamesForSail. One of the most obviously striking characteristics of the game are it’s graphics. Now, don’t start rolling your eyes, as it’s not eye bulging graphics you’d see on one of the next gen games like BioShock, or Crysis. More… It’s really old school, but very artistic and creative in a way that embodies the best of what independent games are all about. The original developer Anthony Flack actually handcrafted all the graphics you see in the game in modeling clay. He then digitized all the clay models, and incorporated them into the game. It is incredibly unique and cool to play. Can you imagine the time, passion, and love this guy pored into the game. He’s since lost all rights to the game title, but that’s another story.

As squishy fun as the graphics in this game are, the music is pretty striking as well. It’s unusual for many to find a casual game that doesn’t make you reach for the mute button, and then plug in your mp3 player. The music is catchy, and somewhat reminiscent of the old arcade days of game soundtracks, but in a good way. Really! The original music was composed by Chris Abbot, who was quite involved back in the day writing music for Commodore 64 games. I never get tired of listening to the music of Platypus. Maybe because it brings back great memories of all the games I played into the wee hours of the morning on my old Commodore 64.

Games are of course nothing more than escapism, and any game worth it’s tokens should take you away to some fantastical magical place. Platypus does that in spades. It’s got castles, mountains, oceans, clouds, fruit, land mines, bubbles, trains, guns, stars, and funny little things that fall from the sky. Maybe even a platypus? Sure, it’s just a side scrolling shooter, but imagine a game where you can take in bizarrely beautiful scenery, and blast alien vessels, all the while catching bananas, grapes and cherries as the dastardly pilots parachute to safety. Can’t imagine it, well, of course you can’t. That’s why it’s a game fool.

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